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There may be many types of grants (no payback necessary) available to your business.  Some might be available to help mitigate business losses and/or shutdowns related to COVID and others might be available for employee retention, business expansion or to help cover costs related to PPE.

There are grants available depending on your specific business from various Federal agencies as well as State and Local Governments. These may include the SBA, FEMA, and additional government entities.

Our experts learn about your specific business and then match up specific opportunities that you may qualify for.


Many are familiar with the PPP loans which were a lifeline to many businesses but there are additional types of loans and loan funds available.  Some of the loan  programs have forgiveness features as well.


The Federal Government through the IRS has programs in place to provide tax credits for qualifying businesses who have retained or added employees.  In many cases we can help you apply for retroactive credits which may result in a refund from the IRS or a credit against your payroll taxes.

Many states have their own specific program that a business can apply for state tax credits or refunds depending on a variety of circumstances.  We will analyze your payroll and recommend and apply for the appropriate tax credits.


It can be a win-win for the landlord to work with you in keeping you as a valuable tenant, then having to deal with vacant space which cost them income as well as reduce traffic to other businesses.  We can help analyze your leases and negotiate with a light touch to help reduce or restructure your leases.

If you are a restaurant with rent arrears or even looking to expand with funds received under the Restaurant Revitalization fund now is a prefect time to enter discussion with your landlord or perhaps a new property altogether.  There are a variety of options available to you which you might not be aware of.

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